As we draw closer to the Christmas Holiday Break, we would like to share with the OLOF families some of the events that will be taking place within the next two weeks.

Monday, Dec. 10th– 9:00 a.m.- 2nd week of Advent Celebration assembly-focus on Peace. (gym)

Monday, Dec. 10th– 2:30 p.m.- Umbrella Project Self-Compassion skill assembly (Grit Certificates awarded) (gym)

Monday, Dec. 17th– 2:30 p.m.- 3rd week of Advent Celebration assembly- focus on Joy. (gym)

Tuesday, Dec.18th-2:15 p.m.- OLOF Choir Christmas Performance. (gym)

Wednesday, Dec.19th– 1:45 p.m.- FDK Birthday Party for Jesus (gym)

Thursday, Dec.20th-11:35 a.m.- Christmas Turkey Luncheon prepared and hosted by School Council

Friday, Dec. 21st– all day- Christmas Sweater Day- (wear red, white, green)

Friday, Dec. 21st-9:00 a.m.- 4th week of Advent Celebration assembly-focus on Love. (gym)

Friday, Dec. 21st– 10:30 a.m.- Christmas Sing-along assembly. (classes perform in gym)


As with all our assemblies throughout the year, families are always welcome to attend.

For individual classroom activities and events, please check your child’s class newsletter, google class site, or D2L site for details.

Thanks for your continued support.