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Please Note: Further Info Regarding Safe Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Thank you to all the understanding and compliant parents who have been following the Safe Arrival and Dismissal procedures outlined in our previous communications. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

In order for Our Lady of Fatima to be fully compliant with Safe School Protocols and Procedures, we need to implement a further step in our Dismissal Procedures. Starting Monday, December 11th, ALL our JK/SK students will be dismissed through their yard at the front of the school (on Hammet Street). Parents, guardians, older siblings will wait outside the yard until contact is made through the classroom teacher and then children will be released.

As all our JK/SK students will be released from their own yard, parents and guardians no longer need to enter the large/main yard. Before or after JK/SK students are handed off from their yard, parents and guardians can meet their other students (grades 1 to 8) at our thick yellow “Home of the Falcons” line. The former, common practice of primary students being released to parents/guardians will no longer take place as it does not comply with Safety Protocols or Procedures that we are mandated to follow. All parents of grade 1 to 8 students will meet their child(ren) at the yellow Falcons line.

Students are welcome to play on the school yard under parent/guardian supervision after the staff member(s) on duty give the green light that all students have been safely dismissed.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and compliance as we implement the mandated Safety Protocols and Procedures and provide our children the safest possible environment.

R. Purificato


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