Our goal at OLOF is to provide a safe environment for our students. This includes safety in our parking lot. Here are a few friendly reminders regarding our parking lot procedures. There is no drop off zone and therefore there is no ‘drive through’ in our parking lot. The end of the lot, exit closest to the road with the yellow painted lines, is the fire route for the lot. This area is not to be blocked by vehicles. The orange cones at the entrance of the parking lot serve as reminders that vehicles are not to enter the lot during the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times. These are the times of day where our children are most vulnerable to being hurt by cars in the lot. Only staff and vehicles that have been issued an OLOF parking pass may enter and park in the lot during these times. Children are not to be left unattended in vehicles while parents/guardians walk siblings to the school yard. If you are walking your child/children to the yard, please take them no further that the thick yellow “Home of the Falcons” line. This is also the location where you should be waiting for your child at dismissal in accordance with our Safe Schools procedures. Following these simple steps will ensure that we provide the safest possible environment for our children.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.