Dear Parents/Guardians

Teacher-led distance learning is now well underway. Teachers, students and parents have communicated that although there have been some challenges, it has been a good overall start to our new learning reality. Please be sure to communicate with your child’s classroom teacher should any issues or questions arise. Our Lady of Fatima staff is committed to ensuring that our students continue to receive grade specific, curriculum-based learning tasks, consistent with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines.  Staff will provide feedback/formative assessment on the tasks they complete that will assist in moving student learning forward. It is important to note at this time that Distance Learning does not entail live virtual classes. We respect family’s needs and personal schedules. Staff has been posting activities on their Google Classrooms and students/families can login and complete the work following their own schedules. Please note that distance learning is NOT optional. It is taking the place of regular classroom learning and the expectation is that all students will complete the learning tasks provided by their teachers.  The completed work will assist in guiding teachers when completing Final Report Cards. Some parents have chosen to augment Distance Learning with resources such as those found on #STEAMDays , WCDSBLearn@Home, the Ministry’s Learn at Home website, or purchased resources/workbooks.  These are all great resources, but please remember your child’s first learning priority must remain the schoolwork provided by their teachers.

Thank you to all our families for their support of our staff and students as we navigate through these challenging times.

God Bless,

Robert Purificato